Summer Festival Styling Guide

With no guarantee of good weather, it’s difficult to gauge how to style your hair for a summer festival. Adverse weather conditions can make it difficult to keep your everyday style in tact, whilst a lack of electricity immediately rules out some of your favourite styling tools. We give you the lowdown on the key hair products and styles you should be thinking about for the festival season.

The Products

The right products will help you maintain any style and when it comes to festival shopping, there are a few essentials to keep in mind. CO by Andrew Collinge Invisible Dry Shampoo is a must for your festival hair kit. It’s designed to absorb natural oils and as a result, will keep your hair from looking greasy between shampoos. For those that prefer to keep hair loose, this is a great go to product as it will instantly add texture and fullness to your unwashed hair, helping it keep a tousled fuller body.

Whether you have long or short hair, hairspray is a must when it comes to festival season. Assured to keep your hair in place during windy weather, it’ll also give you the freedom to enjoy the festival safe in the knowledge that your hairstyle will remain intact. CO by Andrew Collinge Hairspray gives just enough hold and finish, whilst also allowing you to run your fingers through the hair without it feeling heavy or sticky.

Our purse size option will provide enough product for a weekend and will fit nicely into any compact makeup bag.

The Styles

Certain styles come and go, but braids are still on trend this summer. The catwalks have seen micro braids incorporated into ponytails, braided chignons and classic double braids. Working a braid into your look doesn’t have to be complicated and whilst these styles look great, simple plaits are a casual alternative that can be useful for controlling unwashed hair.

Summer 2017 has seen a resurgence of 90’s trends and we’ve seen many throwback styles make a comeback. Whilst the double top knot (or Space buns) remained a popular look at Coachella, the dishevelled top knot also continued to be a go to style for many. This easy to create hairstyle works with both short and long hair and is a great way to sweep hair from the face in hot or windy weather.

For those that prefer to keep hair loose and feminine, a quick way to add texture and waves to your hair is to braid or plait the hair prior to arrival. Once taken out, shake the hair to loosen curls, spray with hairspray and you’re ready to go.

Article by Stefanie Chew as featured in Wirral Life Magazine